Going on a cruise is an adventure full of experiences you will never forget! If you haven’t been on a cruise before, you may have questions about whether you should choose a river cruise or an ocean cruise. In this post I will cover the pros and cons for both cruise options so that you can choose what’s best for you!

Whether you are going on a river or an ocean cruise, there are a lot of sights and experiences to enjoy. If you don’t know the difference between a river and an ocean cruise, you’re not alone. The main difference between river and ocean cruises is that river cruises have more stops during their cruising trip so they are more focused on the destinations while ocean cruises are more focused on the experiences onboard since a good amount of your time is spent on the ship. Due to these differences, your experiences will differ, depending on whether you select cruising on a river or an ocean.

Here are some river versus ocean cruise pros and cons:

River Cruise Pros:

More in-country destinations to explore
Fewer passengers aboard – a max of 160
More intimate opportunities to get to know your fellow cruisers
Better sailing views around every bend
River cruises include daily guided excursions in their cabin rate
No opportunities for sea sickness

River Cruise Cons:

Fewer onboard restaurants and entertainment options
Low or high water conditions could impact travel
Higher cabin rates

Ocean Cruise Pros:

Numerous restaurants to select from onboard
Lots of onboard entertainment options
You spend most of your day at the destination when in port
Lower cabin rates

Ocean Cruise Cons:

Longer lines for boarding and off boarding
Fewer ports to explore
Boat shuttles may be necessary when anchored away from a port
Tours, beverages, and specialty dining are fee based

So what do you think? Which type of cruise will be best for you? Whether you choose river cruises or ocean cruises, the great news is that Credit Union EduCruises offers both options to meet your cruising needs! If you have more questions about which cruise is right for you, feel free to contact us.

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